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Featured Artist - Špela Gale

Špela Gale is textile artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since her early childhood she has been involved with different textile handicrafts. She graduated from fine arts and found her passion in textile arts. She likes to experiment with different textile techniques and finds her inspiration in her daily life. Her works were exhibited in Slovenia, Croatia and Netherlands and published in Fiber Art Now magazine. She also owns an online yarn shop called Lucky Yarn. Let's explore her fun and quirky textile works.

Strong as a Lion, Crochet Mask (Image courtesy - Špela Gale)

Dea: What do textiles mean to you?

Špela: Limitless options to create and express myself whether it's through textile art, design and/or projects I make just for fun.

Dea: What's your background and what led you to working with textiles?  Špela: Growing up in a Slovenian countryside I learned about textile handicrafts such as knitting and needlepointing as a child. During my student years I rediscovered these techniques and also learned crochet, felting, weaving and rug making. However, at that time it was only a side project. I graduated from fine arts and my main focus was on painting, sculpturing and art installations. In 2017, I created my first tapestries and figured out I want to focus on textiles more.

Thom Yorke Rug, Tufted Rug (Image courtesy - Špela Gale)

Dea: Where do you find your inspiration?

Špela: Inspiration is everywhere. I'm interested in transformation, combining textile art, crafts & fun. My only rule is to create what I can identify with.

Dea: What's your creative process like?

Špela: I try not to overthink, to relax, create and just follow my ideas that are based on what inspires me daily. It’s a process and I’m not exactly sure where it will lead me but I’m enjoying it a lot. Through my process I also develop bigger ideas and concepts. When that happens I really focus and work hard to realize them. 

Monkey Business, Crochet Mask (Image courtesy - Špela Gale)

Dea: Is there a specific piece or project you are proud of?

Špela: There are a couple. For example my first tapestry will always be very special, and my crochet monkey masks have opened new doors to me. But Christopher Walken rug is the one I still love the most.

Dea: Have you or your business been affected by the current global situation? Are you doing anything to overcome it?

Špela: Current situation is not easy. A lot of my plans have been cancelled and I'm behind the schedule with my personal work. I'm spending the days with my very active toddler and trying to do some work which is sometimes mission impossible. But I am very grateful that we are together and healthy and we do a lot of fun, creative projects together. Luckily my online yarn shop is still open. 

Cristopher Walken Rug, Tufted Rug (Image courtesy - Špela Gale)

Dea: Do you have any tips for people currently working at home? Any DIY ideas?

Špela: Try to have a routine and don't forget to take some time for yourself. 

On instagram I have started the #stayathomepompom campaign in which I'm inviting people to create pompoms. Why pom poms? Because it's fun, everyone can do it and it can connect us in these difficult times. Join us!

Dea: Any tips for aspiring creatives? 

Špela: Work hard, be spontaneous, keep experimenting, and don't forget to have fun during the process. 


Thank you Špela for sharing your positive and fun textiles with us! We are excited to see more of your visual diary and campaign online.

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Image courtesy - Špela Gale

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