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'Structured Chaos’ explores the intermingling of cultures and customs in Dubai. The city hosts expatriates from all over the world, and although Dubai is made up of different nationalities, languages, religious and cultural backgrounds; it manages to keep its structure and continues to evolve and innovate. 


The theme is also reflective of the current situation the world is facing. We are in a collective chaos that we are trying to find structure in. This artwork is a reminder for each of us to find our own structures during this time.  


Dimensions - 43.5cm x 33cm (including frame)

Materials used - Felt, ribbon, metallic frame
Processes used - Hand embroidery


Customize - Size, colour and material

Please submit an enquiry through the contact page.

Structured Chaos Mini 1

  • As each piece is made-to-order, no returns or refunds are accepted.

    In case of damage during shipping, items can be exchanged. 

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