Featured Artist - Giuse Maggi

Born in Milan and raised in Pavia, Italy, multidisciplinary artist Giuse Maggi, draws inspiration from the susceptibility of organic and inorganic materials and their potential to manipulate, shape, form and introduce her to new techniques for creation.

Working with glass for over two decades, it was only in 2013 that she became aware of the impressionability of sustainable art and the limitless possibilities that found materials, discarded matter and plastic waste, offered. Since then, she has tirelessly experimented with combining plastic, metal and fibre with her beloved medium, glass, whereby she weaves, ties, melts and binds these contradictory materials together.

The process is one of intense labour, often physically and mentally demanding, yet, Giuse also considers it spiritual; a series of rituals that connect her soul to her pieces. She patiently builds and forms objects that are created through an accumulation of countless small actions. Her resulting paintings, rugs, baskets and sculptures, inherent of opposing properties, epitomize how balance derives from du