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Company Overview

- Legal Name - Dea Textile

- Founded - October 2019

- Founder - Aditi Patwari 

- Head office - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

- Serves worldwide clients

Key Offerings

- Bespoke & Customizable Art Pieces for High-End Interiors 

- Textile Design Solutions for Fashion & Interior Designers 

- Artist Coaching & Consultations

Contact us

Aditi Patwari

Dea in the News

Latest Press Releases

Dea’s NFT Genesis Art Piece cuts through digital noise with spirituality

Dea entered the NFT market on 11th October with her first NFT artwork ‘Mandala of Joy’. Inspired by her trip to Bali and the spiritual practices of the people in the city, the artwork hosts a plethora of bright colors inside a mandala. A mandala is a visual representation of the universe in spiritual cultures of the East. Dea’s artwork utilizes this theme with changing colors in a video format that engage and hold the viewer’s attention to give them a break from the mindless scrolling of social media.


  • Minted on OpenSea using Polygon (a new no-gas server using Ethereum) 

  • Mandala of Joy is a genesis piece (first NFT artwork minted by Dea) which makes it more valuable that the works to come.

  • 1/1 i.e. It’s a single piece, not an edition; only 1 person in the world can own this genesis piece.

  • Inspired by the spiritual meditation practices of Bali

  • Mandala – to signify the universe within and outside ourselves

  • Bright colors to uplift the viewer’s mood. The colors alternate and the video plays in a loop to keep your attention and the repetition soothes the soul.

Aditi Patwari’s new Art Collection uses 100% up-cycled materials

Aditi Patwari, Textile Artist and Founder of Dea, is creating a new collection of artworks called ‘Re-create’. Each artwork in the collection is made using 100% upcycled materials from the Dea’s previous collection, Bali Bohemia, and offers a new way for art lovers who are conscious about sustainability to support the zero-waste initiative

​Key Features:

  • Artworks are made using 100% up-cycled materials, including fabric off-cuts from the artist’s previous collection Bali Bohemia, and discarded printer papers.

  • Selected artworks are being exhibited at the exhibition ‘Letters for Future’ in Germany (18 September - 18 October 2020) 

Dea Introduces new Dubai-Inspired Art During Ramadan

Dea is adding new artworks to its ‘Dubai Darbaar’ Collection, representing Dubai’s cultural heritage and focus on innovation. The Collection offers a new take on statement art pieces for interiors and creates a unique experience for its collectors. Dea is celebrating the rich history and philosophies of Islamic art during Ramadan.

​Key Features:

  • A fusion of textile craftsmanship and innovative techniques

  • A combination of history, culture and innovation – a true representation of what the city of Dubai stands for

  • Inspiration by Islamic Art philosophies such as - "a single motif, if repeated multiple times, can create the entire universe".

Dea Announces Initiatives for Covid-19

The Dubai-based textile brand continues supporting its community during the quarantine.

Dea announced its launch of a new Artist Coaching service and Textile Blog. The Artist Coaching and Consultations will be held with Dea’s Founder, Aditi Patwari and will help artists and designers work on their personal brands and improve their online presence. The Textile Blog is a platform for Textile specialists to showcase their talents.

Features and benefits of Artist Coaching & Consultations include:

  • Personalized 1-1 coaching with Aditi Patwari 

  • Mindset, productivity and success coaching tailored for artists to build their best practice

  • Review of chosen artist methods, mediums themes and portfolios

  • Creation of artist’s personal brand to improve their online presence during and after Covid-19


Features and benefits of the Textile Blog include:

  • Support and promotion of Textile Artists, Designers & DIY Specialists around the world

  • Creative ideas and positive inspiration shared with people staying at home

Structured Chaos

Aditi Patwari participates in International Online Exhibitions

Aditi Patwari, Textile Artist and Founder of bespoke textile brand Dea, has been adapting to the new normal of the art industry. As galleries and exhibitions are moving online, the artist has found new opportunities to present her work to international audiences. She is currently exhibiting her work through online galleries including Counterweave Arts in Italy, Envision Arts in the USA and Independent & Image Art Space in China.

About the online exhibitions:

The World is Flat

Gallery - Independent & Image Art Space

Location - China

Dates - 8 August - 5 September 2020


Gallery - Envision Arts

Curator - Ginger Cochran

Location - USA

Dates - 1 - 31 August 2020

Art Under Lockdown

Gallery - Counterweave Arts

Curator - Felicity Griffin Clark

Location - Italy

Dates - 1 June 2020 - ongoing

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