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Featured Designer - Vino Supraja

Vino Supraja is a Fashion Designer with a love for prints. A former architect, Vino has a skilled eye for design and her beautiful geometric patterns showcase her appreciation for her surroundings.

Apart from prints, her premium womenswear fashion brand has sustainability and ethics at its core and has achieved certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard. Vino's label uses organically produced, natural fibers and pigments and handloom textiles.

We are so excited to dive deeper into her creative process, and hope she will inspire you as she inspires us!

(Image courtesy - Vino Supraja)

Dea: What do textiles mean to you?

Vino: Textiles tell me a story with their textures, their origin, and the way they move, and I try to translate that story into my design. Textiles are my canvas. I create art on the canvas and make garments out of it. They lead me to the design of a garment, and they are the origin of my inspiration.

Dea: What's your background and what lead you to working with textiles?

Vino: I am an Architect turned Fashion designer. Life took me to China at one point, and I chose not to stay at home. I went to university again, to study Fashion in IFA Paris, Shanghai. There I had amazing teachers, who were couturiers, artists, and textile designers who opened my eyes in the direction of Art and Textiles.

(Image courtesy - Vino Supraja)

Dea: Where do you find your inspiration?

Vino: I naturally get inspired by History, Culture, Architecture, Art, and Literature. Travel inspires me a lot. I love to immerse myself in a new place, a new culture, new people, and express the whole experience through my art, my textile.

Dea: What's your creative process like?

Vino: It all begins with an inspiration, then a mood board that gives an idea about the vibe of the collection; this leads to art that becomes garments. The process may sound simple, but trust me when the commerce aspect enters much editing happens, and in the end, that spark of inspiration becomes a full collection.

(Image courtesy - Vino Supraja)

Dea: Is there a message or cause linked to your work?

Vino: My textiles are truly sustainable, organic cotton hand-loomed by a weavers community in a small South Indian village. Fashion being one of the most polluting industries, I want to do my part as a fashion designer to save mother earth.

My art also expresses my emotions at times. I have made a collection that showcased in Brooklyn Fashion Week inspired by The Chennai Floods. That collection received a standing ovation from the audience. I am trying to give back to society in any possible way.

(Image courtesy - Vino Supraja)


We hope Vino's story has inspired you to keep expressing yourself and being creative. We will continue to bring you stories of how textiles are being used around the world. If you are an artist or designer who uses textiles, send us your interest to be featured at

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(Image courtesy - Vino Supraja)


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