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DIY Specialist - Maria @ ThreadWerk

Written by Maria @ ThreadWerk

3 Free Mini Sewing Projects - Perfect for Beginners!

Hi! I am Maria, owner of ThreadWerk, head of all things creative and your sewing instructor.

If you are looking for a quick and easy sewing project to keep you busy, then I have got you covered.

I have found 3 projects for you and they are free! These projects can be completed in an hour or so and could even make use of your fabric scraps (#sustainablesewing). Who doesn't love a free crafting project?

We spend a lot of time at our ironing boards pressing those seams and hems. Why not make your own cover in your favorite fabric? You could even create a patchwork one with scraps you have piling up.

Tilly & the Buttons has a great step by step guide for you to make your own ironing board cover listed on their website.

Image courtesy - Tilly & the Buttons

Who doesn't love a zipper pouch? And why not create this stylish geometric make-up (or wash) bag? I love this pattern, it is so different from your usual zipper pouch patterns. The shape makes it much more interesting.

This cool design comes from Pattydoo. I know it’s in German, but the markings on the pattern pieces come in both languages and you can also find a recorded sew-along in English on my Facebook Page.


Image courtesy - Pattydoo

If you are looking for a pattern to dive into dressmaking, then the Sorbetto Top by Colette is fantastic. Quick and easy to sew, plus it looks great too. Oh, and did I mention it's a free pattern? -Win win!

If you want to venture into some trickier fabrics, like silk, then this would be a great pattern to use since it is easy to sew and you only have to worry about handling that slippery, silky fabric.

Image courtesy - Colette Media


I started sewing in fall 2015. Back then, I used to live on a small island in Malaysia, called Labuan. It only took 20 minutes to drive around the island, so you can tell that there wasn't much to do. So I came up with a hobby - and bought a sewing machine. With a few hiccups at the start, I have enjoyed every project and haven't looked back.

I haven't bought from a 'ready to wear' store for more than 3 years. Even for my previous corporate job I had tried to incorporate handmade work wear. All projects and garments you see on my website or on my social media accounts have been made by me.

Image courtesy - Maria, ThreadWerk

I started ThreadWerk with the aim of spreading the joy of sewing and crafting through courses and workshops, which are for all ages and abilities. Sewing also contributes to sustainability, the fight against fast fashion and the overall well-being to wear clothes that perfectly fit the wearer’s body.

Sewing is not just a crafting skill, for some it can be a therapeutic activity and for others just a creative outlet. For me, its all of it: I can be creative and it was my happy place after an exhausting day at my job. Offering sewing classes to others gives me the possibilities to pass on my skill and hopefully get others hooked to become a sewing & fabric addict.


Well, consider us hooked! We are already picking fabrics and threads. Which project are you going to start first?

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